as documented on 1/12/09

.... and who would have thought it was due in part to Elmo.

Wow! Can you imagine going from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds? Well, thats exactly what it felt like to undergo the training for this new gadget. I can't wait for you guys to view my powerpoint slides using this thing. Click on the page below and see for yourself!

Technolgy Standard:

A. Use technology effectively and appropriately to interact electronically.
B. Use technology to communicate information in a variety of formats.
Well, did you enjoy the presentation?
Description with the Infusion of my Reflection:

I have experienced many educators who have had various pieces of technology in their rooms and for the most part have never taken them out of the boxes. Oh, what dis-service it is that in today’s society of electronic this and electronic that some people shy away from "technology"... I am very much fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the step program and thus have been trained on the document cam and its many uses through the STEP program. However, as stated in my PowerPoint presentation, the cam has multiple uses far beyond that of the training. The Cam's uses only escalate as you become involved in using it daily and the features that the students are exposed to is overwhelming. The PowerPoint I am presenting simply shows how in Kindergarten we use the Elmo. Many teachers are simply unaware of what a powerful, dynamic tool an Elmo document
Camera can be for all students, whether an AGL, OGL, BGL, or ESOL.