Greetings fellow bloggers.
Welcome to my world in relation to cyber space. My name is Shenninta Newman. I am a teacher in PGCPSI have been teaching now through various school systems for well over 14 years. Having a degree in broadcasting,I hope to be a life long learner always gaining insight into the use of technology within the field of Education.

How over-zealous am I to be an educator! I have so many ideas about intergration of technology in the classroom including havingexternal image 1bf13ac5d72c6570bb0fb285bdf96c0b.jpg a podcast to deliver throughout our school, keeping everyone on our campus informed while giving students the opportunity to serve as the liason's for our "mass media". I am so honored to have the chance to serve as an "Ambassador" for Discovery Education. Yes, I am a Star Discovery Educator and you too should be one.
Wow, we came along way from the primitive logging on at 2:00 on Tuesday cause thats the only open window for access to the internet. Yes thats right, My first introduction to computers came while a student at Baltimore City College High School. My Tech teacher, OOOPs I think she was called the Media Specialist, Mrs. Dunbar, had us communicating with a school in Italy. The window was only open from 2:00-2:30 on Tuesday's. That old green/blue screen with the faded letters.

The times have changed. Remember pong! Just think what our children use now in comparison to what we were so thrilled to have access to. "Atari? What's that Mommy?" I remember the day my Mom brought this old boy home for my brother and he became the king of the neighborhood. He used to charge us to play. I used to do extra chores just to play this ancient box. Now my ten year old son thinks the Nintendo Wii is the best thing since slice bread. He not only plays games but he also can use the same system to surf the web and communicate with his friends from school all of which have their own system.